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I’ve Been Tango’d


Prices   [all measurements are displayed as HxW]

  • Original – Size 140 x 140 mm –  £20
  • Print – A4 (image size 140 x 140 mm) £10
  • Cards – Pack of 10 (140 x 140 mm)  £10
SKU: 7E1009-EB

Painter's Notes

We have both recovered from our Maroc experience! Thus we look forward to a quiet Christmas! Wishing you both a merry Christmas and good travelling in 2018. Best Wishes, David and Frances XXX


5/January/2018 - Return to Painter with note on card

Dear David,

Thank you for the card.

[...] and I are flattered that you considered including us in your project but we regret we do not wish to be further involved so I am returning the card and info as requested.

Please do not feel you need to refund the postage - it's a very old Christmas stamp!!

Best wishes to you both, [...]

XMAS 2017

Sent To Collector - Yorkshire

Collector's Thoughts

"I'm a NutBreaker" -Anonimus