Contemporary Commentary

The Descent From The Cross: A Painting By David Folley

Thompson, Alan George – 2001

My Dear friend Alan Thompson wrote this commentary to assist the viewer with their appreciation of the painter’s work. The commentary is  recorded here in its original format (i.e., without references).


The Descent from the Cross, Dedication Transcript

Green, Laurie, The Rt. Rev. Bishop of Bradwell Dr. – 1996

Contemporary Commentary by Alan Thompson, to assist the viewer with their apprecation of the painter’s work. The commentary is recorded here in its original format (i.e., without references).


A few thoughts on the significance of the ‘fetus’ in the man

Peach, V., Art Historian, Plymouth Art College – 1996

The Christian mystic initiation differs from the pagan initiation of the Essences who are purported to have initiated the disciple Jesus into the mysteries before he enacted the ‘path of the heart’ through the office of the Cosmic Christ. The pagan initiation took the intellectual approach where the path of initiation that was depicted by the Christ depicts the approach of the heart.