Shakespeare, Picasso, Cézanne and Folley
A Painter’s Emotional break-up and Cathartic Acceptance


A personal view by Sabrina Föhr – 2012


My first impression of this painting (The Painter’s Catalogue Number: 7D4019. Each work created by the painter has its own unique number) is it’s large square format, the canvas is approximately 2,1 x 2,1 metres, which appears to me unfinished. The painting is currently on display at Discover Folley, the painter’s private gallery…
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2012 – German by Sabrina Föhr
2012 – Russian by Anna Weimann
2018 – Italian by Fabio Buoniconti

The Man in The Red Scarf

Jojo Two: Composition Colour Beginnings


A visual record of a scene with commentary by the director – 2009


In March 2008, Jojo appointed me as Artist-in-Residence (although I prefer the term Painter, which will become apparent later) on his new play The Man in the Red Scarf. As a perfectionist, Jojo believed my inclusion in his production team would enhance the actors’ experience and understanding of the symbiosis relationship between the painter and his model.

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Nine Portrait for Jojo

Jojo One: The Cast of Man in the Red Scarf


Barbican Theathre, Plymouth – 2008


Robert Lenkiewicz had a deep and profound effect on my life, both in terms of the way I have developed creative projects and how I view the world. In 2006 I was recovering from some major surgery and had a lot of time on my hands. Searching for my next project I decided to do something to celebrate Robert and the extraordinary life he lived.

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